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    looking for a host!

    Yes... you dont need ded IP for anonymous FTP - you need an exlusive IP only for an [exclusive - non shared] SSL cert - for all else a name based hosting will do and will do very well too! Infact IP based hosting will slow down Apache somewhat , compared to namebased hosting The chief...
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    Good Dedicated Server

    My personal opinion is.. Rackshack is good if you can manage your server yourself.. their tech support is only now maturing But the price and bandwidth are superlative If you would like personalized service and great tech support you cantalk to focalhosting.com ; they are a FreeBSD shop...
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    Domain Name Infomation and FAQ Thread

    Nut's addition to Chicken's nutshell! Well Chicken as always get it dead right... but a little bit of "beware" for newbies.. There are 3 layers to a domain name going to a site 1. Your registrar who gives you yourdomainname.com and registers it in the Internic database along with your 2...
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    Holiday Special from Valai.Net!

    Hi Friends, The Fool has a special holiday offer open only to the first 10 people 100 Megs Linux space 1 Gb data transfer /month [actual transfer] 2 domains 20 subdomains 200 pop3 emails 4 mySQL dB All the bells and whistles of RedHat 7.x Linux hosting PERL,PHP 4, private...
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    Good Dedicated Server

    I wholeheartedly recommend pwebtech.com.. my server is with them and the uptime is upwards of 99.5% Also to be considered are ispclub.com, affordableservers.net [good repute in WHT] You have a good budget and you can shop around a lot before getting something really good Go to...
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    recommendations pretty please

    3-95.com Hi, I recommend DixieSys http://3-95.com. If you dont mind hosting on a RAQ then you can try Gary. He is a good friend of mine and does a great job of support Also recommended are AffordableHost.com [Tina Peters] and Hostmatters.com Good Luck Balaji
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    Would you be interested in this plan?

    Thanks Thanks for the positive feedbacks... This will be available from Jan 15th or so [I just want to make sure the server is quite solid and stable before I offer this] Ofcourse payments can be anyway and we can always customize the subdomains, emails part of it... 1GB extra bandwidth...
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    Would you be interested in this plan?

    Hello friends, I would like your opinion on the following plan; ====== Virtual domain hosting 200 megs of space 4 GB of transfer/month SSI, CGI, Perl, Python, PHP mySQL 1 dB [Can install Chilisoft ASP, Tomcat Java if reqd] 1 domain only 10 subdomains 100 pop3 mails Interchange...
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    The Fool is at it again!

    Am I allowed to explain? Hi Friends, Since there have been many threads , I thought I will reply rather than edit my post. Hope it's okay with Chicken. I have started on Oct 24 ,2001 and I have hosted about 20 sites in the 10MB plan. They occupy 1-2MB and use 2 emails [a catchall and an...
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    Low cost paid hosting?

    APOLOGIES! Chicken & nemain, My true apologies for not reading the rules Wont happen again Thanks Balaji
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    Low cost paid hosting?

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    Low cost paid hosting?

    <<Again, person is looking for recommendations, and not for hosts to recommed themselves.>>
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    The Fool is at it again!

    kamejoko, I dont know what is Porland... and I couldn't quite follow your meaning. If you are saying if our plan is too small or something, I can tell you that a number of my small business clients are only on that plan and have generally about 5MB to spare! If there is anything in...
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    The Fool is at it again!

    Hello Friends! Thanks for all the enquiries and sign-ups to my offer last week and special thanks to FWS for the opportunity to meet buyers! Valai Networks has a juicy offer this week... 10MB space 100 MB Data Transfer/month 5 pop3 mails 1 FTP account 3 subdomains Cpanel Neomail...
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    Host Required

    http://splashhost.com Alan is a nice guy and good at his job.. Good luck B
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    how long for .net domain?

    I registered a customer's domain at dabot by evening my time and got it up next day afternoon [even the DNS had propagated] But it's a bit scary that they just take your CC details and then quietly a message pops we will contact you soon or something like that... I tried it once but am never...
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    Newbie at domain system! help!

    Mythies my friend! If you register with net4domains then network solutions [netsol.com is actually your ICANN acredited registrar. ns1.yourname.com ns2.yourname.com are free at netsol provided you have two IP addresses to register them with. You go to netsol.com and clik on manage...
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    I doubt this exists but I'll give it a shot

    Valai's Offer! Hello Majestic Dream, Valai Networks will offer you 20 MB space 200 MB of data transfer / month 20 pop3 emails 10 FTP accounts CGI PERL PHP 1 mySQL dB SSI Custom Error messages CPanel control Panel Webalizer & Analog traffic analyzer Interchange Shopping Cart...
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    Deepavali Special offer!

    Thanks Mythie! I'm not so young, but I burst a lot of crackers! My son[5], daughter[10 months], nieces [6&7] and nephew [2] made my holiday incredibly enjoyable! Cheers Balaji
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    Deepavali Special offer!

    Friends! Today is Deepavali -the festival of Lights in India, our most festive day of the year! To celeberate that festive mood, Valai Networks is offering OFFER A ======= 1] Free .com/.net/.org domain 2] 30MB space/500 MB transfer 3] All the bells and whistles of standard Linux...