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    We're ZANY I tell ya!

    We are running a great deal that you can not just pass up. From now Monday(12-10-01) till Friday(12-14-01) We are giving all of our plans at the yearly discount. So no need to pay annually to get that discount. You can get it right now!!! Lite Plan - 2.75 a Month #P0125481 Basic Plan -...
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    Birthday Special =0)

    Hey everyone, As a special Birthday offer (it's my birthday and I am in a pretty good mood) ... ZanyHosting wants to offer to the next 12 clients that sign up a free month with any quarterly, biannually, or annually sign up. We have 4 plans that you can pick form or you can order a...
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    Selling this domain ...

    A buddy of mine is selling his domain and I am doing him a favor by posting about it ... The domain for sale is DHCNEWORK.ORG go to http://www.dhcnetwork.org for the contact info so you can contact him directly. Thanks everyone!
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    dabot 6.95 ... Anyone sign up ?

    Just wondering if anyone has signed up with them? It looks like their a Enom reseller. I am jsut wondering if they have been reliable and if there have been any recent problems. Planning to register a domain for a personal website, so 6.95 is not to bad :) for a personal website domain
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    ZanyHosting Grand Opening!

    Hi Everyone, We have just opened out to the public and for our grand opening we have a special limited time deal going on right now at ZanyHosting.com. The offers only stand till the 19th of November. Here is a list of the plans. Lite Plan: 100 megs 1.5 5 - FTP, POP3 EMail...
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    Need a stable/proud host ... that is cheap.

    Hi everyone, My current host is really ticking me off I won't mention names just cause i don't want to cause any trouble. But I am looking for a host that has everythig i have right now but cheap. This is ruffly what I need. 500 to 600+ megs 20 to 30 gigs of bandwidth Perl/CGI, PHP...
  7. K

    Just re-opened/re-designed my site ...

    Hey guys I just re-designed and re-opened my site after it being closed for almost a month now. Give me some feed back on what you think of the layout and colors and tell me if you get any weird stuff on it, I did my best to make it look as perfect as it can be in all the browsers that are...
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    DomainZero $$$

    HAs anyone already had to pay for another yr of their domain that they got with DomainZero? Or heard any news on how much it will be ... ? I just wanted o know cause my few domians are going to expire real soon in Sept. Thanks! :D
  9. K

    Certain services ... need help ...

    Hey everyone, I haveemed to have lost a lot of the "free" stuff I used to use ... so Iam looking for alternatives to those ... :) TheCounter.com - since their shutting down the control panel feature I was wondering if anyone know of any counter service JUST like them ... I currently use...
  10. K

    Alternative Domains ...

    Alternative domains, Like http://www.uni.cc and http://www.da.ru ... are there any other alternative domains that can be used with DNS and such ... ?
  11. K

    Online stores ... ? Anyone .. ?

    Anyone know of a place where they offer SSL and run an online store ... or the service that you can start up a online store(but have it be SSL) for FREE ... I had a list but I have seem to have lost it. So if anyone you can do me a huge favor and help out a fellow UberGeek, I be very greatful...
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    *WARNING* dont go with this sponser ...

    I am extrememly ticked off how this company has handled their users. http://www.QUICKCLICKNETWORK.com is a bunch of Bull ... they advettise on their site $0.25 for each Click-thru that's the min. but I never got that. Thru out the month I only got 1.85 ... when I should have gotten way, way...
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    FastClicks ...? Can I get an opinion?

    Signed up with them the other week. I am wondering if I should use them or not. They give me 3 months to make my pay if not then they will pull out the contract and pay what I have earned and cancel the account. So if I can get some feedback from some people that have heard or used them that...
  14. K

    Amazing Media .. actually paying?

    Wondering has anyone actually gotten their check this month? Or any check as a matter a fact? A friend of mine signed up them he has gotten over $80+ the past 2 monmths and still has received no check. I am just wondering if they are actually paying or what? Thanks!
  15. K

    Got a email from DomainZero today

    Yea, I got a email from domainZero the subject "You Have A New Domain Name -- Now What?" Funny I have had it for over a month now and now is when their sending me some sort of email from them . When I looked inside they were just trying to sell me their hosting service. Funny, how they...
  16. K

    WebCanny ...?

    Has anyone ever used them? Or heard anything about them. I am really pulling towards signing up with them. Well, I just don't want ot be screwed over finding out after I sign up with them that they are slow or horrible. I would like some feedback if any can be given, thanks!