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  1. J

    Lunarpages, Totallyhosted - or other?

    I hope that you were kidding ;)
  2. J

    Reliable Host!

    Did you looked at venturesonline.com?
  3. J

    Any offer for Adult Hosting + PHP + MySql?

    $14-20 year? for adult hosting? you must be dreaming.
  4. J

    Very disappointed in my host.

    Probably you never saw how those Flat database Forum affect a server's performance.
  5. J

    For all you who need cheap hosting

    Well.. I saw that the http://www.httpd.net/colocation/prices.html are not the cheapes BW around. He must be a very powerfull guy if even Verio have to pay BW and he don't :rolleyes:
  6. J

    DowntownHost Christmas Special

    All packages above the 200 MB Plan cost 40% off our normal retail price All Plan Include Unlimited Autoresponders Unlimited E-mail Aliases SSH WebStats Unlimited E-mail Forwards Frontpage Extensions Control Panel Real Audio/Video Pass Protect Dirs. Shopping Cart...
  7. J

    problems finding a host

    <<If you'd like to contact this person, please email Peo requesting that he forward your email to him/her>>
  8. J

    DowntownHost Sponsor your site

    Hi! We have a fresh new box and with want to offer sponsor to sites with 10k unique vistors or more per month. Do you have logs to prove it? What we ask in return? A banner in every page. What sponsored sites receive: - 1 Free Domain Name Registration/Renewal for as long as you...
  9. J

    November Special

    I want to introduce our November Special 200 MB Space 10 Gb Bandwidth 50 Pop Email Accounts Unlimited email aliases Unlimited auto responders Telnet/SSH 24x7access 5 Mysql Database PHP 4 with zend Optimizer Mod_gzip FrontPage2000 extensions 10 Sub-domains...
  10. J


    We have some refugees of ChristianWebHost Althrough I never used them, my customers say their support is slow and bad. Again, I never had a first hand experience with them. Anyway, they offer unlimited bandwidth, stay away.
  11. J

    Tera Byte has become the worst

    Anyway.. I don't see below10host prices expensive at all. I have to say that tera-bytes prices are real low. But below10host.com it have normal prices. IMO
  12. J

    Tera Byte has become the worst

    Tera-bytes prices? You're joking, right? 20 GB BW for $9.25 ;)
  13. J

    Cpanel 3.8 on redhat 6.2

    If I'm not wrong. Cpanel comes with Mysql, Php, frontpage extensions and Perl. But you can better ask in support.cpanel.net
  14. J


    The best thing about the Cpanel is the end-user interface. You don't want that you customers ask you to open every email account. And you have another way to do it manually than by yourself.
  15. J

    Sexy Hosting Grand Opening (Adult Hosting)

    Hey Thanks Erich to point me to go----yourself.com :) I get a lot of inquires about SH from there :)
  16. J

    domain host

    I think that more than 1 company will be more than happy accepting that kind of payment, I suggest you to ask to the sales dep. of the company that fit your needs.
  17. J

    domain host

    5 Years? Wow! why do you want to pay 5 years in advance? Specialy in bussines like hosting. I do not recommend to do that. So companies are today, and tomorrow gone.
  18. J

    host with C compiler????

    The bif majority of linux based host (if not all) have C compiler and perl. Maybe you can ask to the host that fit your needs if they have it.
  19. J

    Looking for reliable host

    http://www.venturesonline.com http://www.f5hosting.com 2 reputable companies :)
  20. J

    Sexy Hosting Grand Opening (Adult Hosting)

    Nobody play the average game with adult hosting :)