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  1. Nick

    Optimal Sever Specs

    Even though I haven't been active at it for years, my job found out that I once knew a thing or two about web development. I glanced over some tutorials to refresh my memory and wrote a couple database driven applications for the outdated business intranet that automated some daily tasks and...
  2. Nick

    Have you ever been punched in the face?

    This is often the first question I get from friends when they start asking me about my adventures in bar security. I think it's kind of odd when I'm talking to guys I know and they've never been in a physical altercation throughout their entire lifetime. I thought it was pretty common for a guy...
  3. Nick

    Pierce Brosnan Sucks

    I was sitting here getting ready to post a thread about ranking the performances of James Bond, an idea that I shamelessly stole from the realisticp fun that I seemed to have missed. However, I realized that it would be easier to just start talking about how much Pierce Brosnan sucks directly...
  4. Nick

    Question about RAM

    Just to start off with, I already know that 32-bit systems can only utilize 4GB of RAM and that when you install 4GB, you don't get all of it available. That being said, I'm curious why my motherboard doesn't recognize all the ram? I just upgraded my [older] system from 1GB (512MBx2) of...
  5. Nick

    Building a firewall & bit torrent box for my apartment

    I have finished up my summer classes so I am working on lots of little projects in my free time. With my new apartment that I will be moving into here in a week or two, it will be just me so the electricity bill wont be split four ways anymore :(. That being said, leaving my main computer...
  6. Nick

    Sleeping is not something I'm doing very well lately.

    As of the time of this post, I have been awake for just over 24 hours. I am not tired at all. I keep thinking about how I need to go to sleep, yet I will just end up rolling around in the bed since I'm restless. About a week and a half ago, I stayed up until around 6AM on a weeknight. I...
  7. Nick

    Usually, I'm not one of those people that goes the extra mile for a good deal

    ...but my lack of things to do during the week this summer has driven me to playing lots of video games, even after spending time with the girlfriend and working. Well, in case you haven't noticed, video games aren't exactly cheap these days. Honestly, I can afford a $60 game. It's not that...
  8. Nick

    I have a final exam in six hours.

    8:30 AM, it's my last one, Literature 112 (Yeah, yeah. It's my last GenEd, I've been putting it off for some years now. Seeing as all my other classes are 400/500 level I thought I should probably get it out the way :p). Also, I have the final paper due at the same time for this class. I'm...
  9. Nick

    Someone took a swing at me tonight.

    His face met the back door. In that special, up close and personal, kind of way. Wearing my glasses to work always seems to bring out the people who want to fight. I think I look like a nerd and they just assume I wont rumble with them. I get a kick out of the fact that I will read comic...
  10. Nick

    Funny Yahoo Questions & Responses

    I will start, I found this earlier today: link to actual question Go go go
  11. Nick

    Multiple servers working together for one website?

    Just out of curiosity, I've been wondering how websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc. who have to have thousands upon thousands of servers get them to work together. How exactly is this accomplished? An in depth explanation or link to where I could find one would be great. Thanks :)
  12. Nick

    Don't flail your arms while drunk.

    :shame: Especially near my car, when I'm leaving work at 2:00 A.M. My definition of "you throwing the first punch" might be considered by some to be rather... liberal.
  13. Nick

    My life, I can finally have it back.

    I just got the Platinum Trophy for Fallout3 on PlayStation3. I have done every single thing the game had to offer. That was my third, and final, play through of that black hole... Three times at about 55 hours a piece -- I was getting sick of it near the end but I've never had a 100%...
  14. Nick

    Could someone please bring me up to speed?

    I'm going to be launching a new website soon and it's been at least four years since I've actually had anything that was on paid hosting. So basically, I feel completely out of the loop. The last three or four websites I did were on Tera-Byte.com and after browsing through their site and...
  15. Nick

    Reverse Cell Lookup

    Does a free one exist? I've received some text messages from an unknown number and I have a feeling it's an ex who's trying to get me to talk to her by being discreet so I will send a "who's this" message. If it's who I think it is, that will only open the flood gates for me getting bombarded...
  16. Nick

    So uh.....

    I was uh, wondering what ever everyone has been doing lately? Are you ready for the holiday season? Have you finished all of your holiday shopping yet? Anyone expecting to get some really cool stuff for whatever holiday you celebrate? If so, what? Are you giving any nice gifts? Is anyone going...
  17. Nick

    I'm making my parents convert to Linux.

    So my Mom called me up and gave me her credit card number and said to build my Dad a new computer for around $350. Well I just ordered an AMD AM2 processor, 2 gigs ram, a nice mobo & case, and stuck a high speed 80gb hdd in there. So after I get it all together, Mom let me know that I can...
  18. Nick

    Matrices, graph plotting, or symbolics in PHP?

    I'm attempting to do some web-based calculations with various physics and engineering equations. I'm familiar with programming in C++ and Matlab, and I've tinkered around with Perl years ago but that was mostly just minimal modification other peoples' scripts. I looked it up on the internet...
  19. Nick

    In 2009, my life will officially be complete.

    Further details at a later date and time.
  20. Nick


    F---, I Never Actually Learned this S---. :confused4