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    Why my mails going to spam?

    A quick search recommends $MailFrom = "your@address.com"; instead of using $_POST["Email_address"].
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    Uptime guarantee

    @wswd That is a great point. Most clients will bring an issue forward when they spot one. cPanel does act up from time to time. Shaun
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    Request free HOST

    Contact us as we can accommodate you.
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    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    Paid hosts have some more benefits available compared to some free web hosts. Credibility (for some) and Support Time are the number one factors. But these days free web hosts provide the exact same hosting uptime and control panel quality as paid hosts. Small business owners turn to free web...
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    How is the market demand for free hosting > How many signups can I get per day & how?

    Paying out of pocket doesn't apply to just cash cost. The physical time and energy put into building a small online hosting company, for example, will not get compensated. The services after the fact make money. Eventually that needs to pay for the lease or colo space which should be any web...
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    Webproxies and profit

    Thank you and I appreciate that! The problem with wireless is the latency and a tower always records the location, location, location. Even with mods, disabling GPS and changing (light flashing) some firmware settings. Shaun
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    Webproxies and profit

    There is always room to make money online. Sites like Hidemy*--- started as just a web proxy and now they offer 7 different products. The market for true anonymity is large and I am sure you could make $ with the rite business model. Anonymity for handheld devices is the next craze and I think...
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    Uptime guarantee

    Nothing is 100% that is why the 99.9% comes into effect. Shaun
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    Webproxies and profit

    There is for older sites that still offer web proxy lists. None of them are guaranteed though and some of those web proxies are not secure for true anonymity. They make revenue based on fresh proxy updates and traffic which is the key ingredient, as you already know. Pretending to be someone...
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    Free Hosting Request for my ANDROID website

    @hei1125 A vps is your next step if you haven't already. The ROMs are a bit large and could probably be scaled down to about 225 mb or so. Not sure how much "white space" is left chewing up your coding. Another alternative would be to manage a dedicated home server to support the app sizes...
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    Uptime guarantee

    99.9% uptime means roughly 3.5 days out of a 365.24 day year there could be down time. Simply put, 100% Uptime means the site is mirrored, DNS ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4, ns5 ... and hosted from multiple drives. So advertising that uptime is actually correct. Servers do need to be rebooted for...
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    good anti-spam for mybb?

    Stop Forum Spam https://github.com/tommm/stopforumspam - is an excellent tool. You can also run GeoIP for traffic analysis (gaining user origin) to blackhole/blacklist bad IP and country's causing spam. ZB BLOCK is another good tool to use for blacklisting. Shaun
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    DigiPill for iPhone

    As I was reading my morning news I stumbled upon this website claiming to use "psychoacoustics to allow you to unlock your subconscious and change your perception". Based on the reviews I read it looks interesting and works. However, it is only available for Apple products. digipill.com -...
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    Internet Marketing books

    Google Sniper 2 is a must read.
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    Free Web Hosting, PHP, MySQL, FTP, No Ads - 365-HOSTING.com

    Yes we have touched base already. Thank you! Shaun