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    Please review my free logo maker site

    It's not a replacement for any graphics package. It's just a simple system that will allow you to design a vector based logo design in minutes based on either just text or an accompanying image. Many people who want a logo design find graphics packages a little intimadating and don't...
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    Please review my free logo maker site

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The fact of the matter is that after just a few days of being open we have had over 300 people sign-up. Many more have tried out the software. The only people that need to sign up are those who want to download the files for web and print...
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    Please review my free logo maker site

    I understand the point you are making but I would not be so quick to say this feeling you have is also attributed to MOST web users. Common sense tells me that people sign-up to youtube, facebook, free web hosting, games sites, business sites and pretty much any other site actually that is...
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    Sizzled Core - Review it please!

    Your slogan..is it "a collection sizzling findings" or "a collection "OF" sizzling findings"?
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    Review my new logo

    As others have said, what is the significance of the crown? When you get the new logo, please share it with us so we can see how your design has evolved from the one we see here.
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    Please review my free logo maker site

    You don't have to register at all. You can use the logo maker tool to design a logo. If you love the logo you designed and you want it in the file formats for web and print, only then will you need to register. If you want the finished article it will cost you the 2 minutes it takes to...
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    Please review my free logo maker site

    Thanks for the feedback. It means a lot to have you share your thoughts. Why are you under the impression that you would suffer from increased spam if you used this service? Incidently, to design yourself a logo you don't need to sign up at all. Just jump right in and design away. Only...
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    Please review my free logo maker site

    18 seconds. That does seem a bit long. It loads for me in about 5 seconds usually. Perhaps the very first time you load it ..it may take a little longer. I will check that out. I am in the UK by the way and the server is in the US. With regards to having to register for the service, if...
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    Please review my free logo maker site

    That is an interesting comment. There is no page on the site that says you have already downloaded your logo. You can download the logo as many times as you want. Do you have a screen shot? Perhaps there is a relic left over from early development. I just downloaded the same logo...
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    Please review my free logo maker site

    I have been a year in development with this site. I have people standing by to fix any errors so if you see anything wrong please let me know. If you find something wrong could you tell me the browser version, OS and screen size as that would help a lot. here it is anyway. It is...
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    keyboard not working...

    This happened to me on an NT machine. To solve it ...remove the keyboard from the pc and then reconnect it. Worked for me anyway. Simon
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    I would like some feed back on my site, Please.

    Very amature looking. Very tough on the eyes. The one point I will make that will make this site look 100 times better instantly is to lose the background. Once you have done that, it may be easier to give a more constructive review..the way it stands now though is that it is just too much...
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    I guess this is a good way to get more hits ;)

    I looked at your site from a design point of view. From that perspective I think you really need to get your new front page up before any meaningful comments will come. If you want people to review your content, that is a separate issue and one that I am not best placed to provide comment on...
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    Corporate Identity Special Offer

    The Logo Company Special Offer. Real Corporate Identity package $40 You get: Designed logo to your instructions Business Card in JPG format (for Off-line Printing) Letterhead (Word Format) Delivery within 24 hours or pay nothing. Logo's designed for $20 Example of Corporate...
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    Share the Wealth!