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    ASP or PHP?

    they didn't say they were making thier own server:rolleyes: also thats an install kit for newbies
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    PHP-Nuke Compatible Free Hosing

    its $dbhost = "localhost"; $dbuname = USERNAME"; $dbpass = "PASSWORD"; $dbname = "USERNAME_uk_db"; $prefix = "nuke"; $user_prefix = "nuke"; $dbtype = "MySQL";
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    How come there is a big netfirms ad in free webspace?
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    Vbulletin on host.sk

    it was a release candidate of a version that was released 10 months ago ROTFLMAO
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    What domain should I use?

    projectx17.net prehapes
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    error on site, don't know what it means

    Its fine for me in Windows 98/Internet Explorer 6.0:)
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    Vbulletin on host.sk

    I got them set up with phpBBmod How could vBulletin 2.0.0 RC-3 be brand new? ROTFLMAO
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    Another free .com registration site

    you have to have a credit card and it has 1 ad frame and 1 popup
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    Please read first!

    Remove the link to everyone.net free e-mail for your site as its no longer free for new users (still is for existing users)
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    Vbulletin on host.sk

    taht peson told me on msn that it was a warez vBulletin:angry2:
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    Plz rate my site! plz note im 13

    It redirected to A:\Justin's%20Website!\nav.html :rolleyes: Also thianks for crashing my browser with a CJB.net ad
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    New Free Domain!!!

    what the hell is that best host poll for?
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    Looking for host!

    I think its actualy 5GB
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    free domains?

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    question for roly...

    well no