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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    This thread is still going :shocked2:
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    Newbie, need help

    Well it's very cheap, and cheap is not always good, but if you've been using them already and you're happy there's not really any reson why you shouldn't give them a try. You'd only really need extra FTP accounts if you wanted to allow other people to upload/download content from your site...
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    PERL HELP!: Errors Galore!

    try to chmod the directory holding the script to 0755
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    can anyone query a word document?

    You wouldn't be able to read a word doc in a regular language without the MS word object i don't think. You would need to convert the doc to HTML then perhaps split it up using the page id numbers with explode() or another function.
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    um, did you forget to upload your website? :confused2 ( also wrong section btw, but welcome anyhow :-) )
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    How to change phpbb theme/skin

    looks much better :-)
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    Affordable, Fast and Reliable Web Hosting, $2.95/year. 500MB, 5GB ...

    $2.95 per year? are you sure about that? :confused2
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    Tried Free[no luck]. Now searching CHEAP Hosting[info inside]

    http://enhancedhost.com have a nice little annual plan $32.50 per year They have been around along time, i don't think you'd go far wrong with them. :)
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    How to change phpbb theme/skin

    There will usually be instructions in the theme that you download. usually it's just a case of uploading the files to the correct directory (themes or styles etc can't remember exactly) then selecting the theme from your admin panel. You can download different themes from...
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    [php] free upload script

    I believe so.
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    Quick HTML Question

    <script language="javascript"> <!-- function view(url,name,stuff) { popupWin=window.open(url,name,stuff); popupWin.opener.top.name="opener"; popupWin.focus(); } --> </script> <a...
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    smilies in textbox

    To follow on from that, if your guestbook is php based, which i guess it most likely is, you can then replace the smiley code in your output with something like. Then if your output for the messages was say $message you would just: echo replace_smiley($message); lol, found a...
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    Need some html help

    The above would work, basically you need to define the width of the table, either as a percentage of the page size or a fixed size in pixels. If you don't define a width it'll strech, as you've seen :)
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    Insert to mysql

    I thought i as going mad for a minute, i thought "i'm sure i've already answered this :confused5" Go check your thread on WHT :P
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    url/url redirecting question...

    Apaches mod_rewrite has everything you need. http://httpd.apache.org/docs/misc/rewriteguide.html happy reading :)