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    I really need a host fast

    Check out http://www.liquidweb.com they offer 500mb/30gb for 24.95$ and all kinds of other neat stuff. I have 2 accounts with them and very pleased. (They are VDI based)
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    PHP dumber

    Usually PHP scripts are easier to install. Mostly you only need to change a config file upload everything and perhaps chmod a file... If you read the docs you should be fine.
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    First time doing this...lots of little questions

    Actually the new name is PHP = PHP Hypertext preprocessor. Or so they claim at zend.com :)
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    what bulletin board is the fastest

    If you're willing to fork over 160$, there is no better/faster board at the moment than vBulletin ( http://www.vbulletin.com ). That's something even the people at phpBB agree on. Version 2.0 is comming up and looking very promising. If you want a free one, I strongly recommend phpBB which...
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    script needed!

    Looks like a bad-looking hotscripts.com :p That beeing said... I of course visited the page :p
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    This what happend to me. & any host with MySQL and control panel ?

    I'm currently with Liquidweb.com and very pleased with them. They are VDI based. And have CPanel. I'm also with burst.net which in my opinion is a good host but others might have a different view on this. Terra-byte was/is good altho there are comming some complaints nowadays about them...
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    Mysql vs Oracle

    mySQL chokes when it gets hunderds of simultanious connections, orcale doesn't :). But unless you have a database intensive site that pulls several ten thousands a day, stick with mySQL.
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    Looking for a HOST

    http://www.liquidweb.com Their 25$ plan includes 500mb and 30gb transfer, unlim pops, aliases, mail lists, mysql dbases and subdomains, I believe 50 ftp accounts can be made. They are a VDI based host so your account comes with the CPanel control panel. I host my site...
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    FormMail with attachment???

    It wouldn't be hard to code it in PHP... Maybe it already exists, check http://www.hotscripts.com I think this is what you are looking for: http://www.heyes-computing.net/scripts/index.html#formproc [Edited by jvv on 01-03-2001 at 04:05 PM]
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    php question

    Yah, unless you have set it up in your that php also handles .html files.
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    My First Professional Project

    It does not look bad... not bad at all... altho I don't like the use of arial as a font here... don't know why, it just doesn't seem to fit...
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    My new website, Let me know what you think.

    Def. change the font... as said before Times New Roman sux, change it to arial or verdana or something. In the lyrics, either center them or make a table so the text doesn't stick to your menu. Also: dare to shock with your design (I don't mean use shockwave, just spice it up a little)
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    Comments Please

    It looks great!! One comment tho, the gaming news title: change the color to something brighter, this color makes the title hard to read. [MSIE 5.5 res. 1024*768]
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    not planning on 1,000 members

    Going in the free webhosting business is not the way to go... you'll just throw away your money, and after a while, the fun and romance of running it wears of. If you persist in your wicked plans, try 4webspace.net 99$/month for a dedicated raq3 with 100gb ransfer... It's so inexpensive...
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    Need some free web space for VBulletin (PHP)

    This is not about a host, but check out http://www.phpbb.com It's like vBulletin, only it's free :)