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    I pop in from time to time, but seems pretty dead now days.
  3. iBrightDev

    Signatures in our profile

    signatures are for special people ;) j/k
  4. iBrightDev

    Calling iBright, Ben, Blank, Decker, Jan, Dan the Irishman and co

    how's it going man? I pop in every once in a while. A bit tough to find the time to spend on here now days. Wife and a 1 year old daughter take up most of the free time I have when not at work.
  5. iBrightDev

    How many cigarettes can u smoke @ once?

    thanks for taking the lead on this :)
  6. iBrightDev

    Create a website in HTML...

    just do it all in flash ;) that is a joke
  7. iBrightDev

    A Shop for one product?

    hey Hammy, you are better off just posting a pic, price, and tying it to paypal for a single product. you could also utilize linking it to an Etsy account. I use etsy to sell digital art and now hand made cufflinks. Works great. https://www.etsy.com/shop/iBrightDevelopment
  8. iBrightDev

    Batter Operating System...?

    personally, I am 100% apple. I was hard core windows for many years, and made the switch about 7 years ago now... best thing I ever did.
  9. iBrightDev

    php mysql display columns as header

    Personally, don't waste the processing power to do something like that, but if you wanted to do it, just query the information_schema... SELECT `COLUMN_NAME` FROM `INFORMATION_SCHEMA`.`COLUMNS` WHERE `TABLE_SCHEMA`='yourdatabasename' AND `TABLE_NAME`='yourtablename';
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    as far as the nav goes, it seems you must have already put in some changes that were suggested. looks good.
  11. iBrightDev

    Please review my first website!

    not really anything to review. it is a plain WP template. Nothing to set you apart man. Keep working at it.
  12. iBrightDev

    layout issues in wordpress

    if you are using a purchased theme, there should be a way to just not show the header. if there isnt, then create a child theme of it so that you dont mess up the original theme. then just use css to either not show the header or mod the template in the child theme. you can use a plugin for the...
  13. iBrightDev

    Latest domain you bought and why?

    nerdcoasters.com can't say why yet. dont need people stealing the idea. :)
  14. iBrightDev

    Looking for an AWESOME CMS. Help!

    if you are really a "php_addict", then just make a normal PHP site with a powerful framework like Symfony. If you arent that strong in your dev, then just use wordpress like millions of other people.
  15. iBrightDev

    Today is my 10th Anniversary on the Site!

    10 years and only 175 posts... :S