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    anyone tried hostgator?

    thanks all, for your inputs :)
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    anyone tried hostgator?

    Has anyone tried hostgator? If so, is it good? Thanks
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    opera css issue

    I used this in a stylesheet file: input { font-size: 12px; } it works in IE and NN but not in opera. How do I make it work in opera?
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    best free php host?

    What's the best free PHP host with mySQL, htaccess and FTP support?
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    curly braces

    must there always be a { and } for else and elseif, even if they only have one line? example: if (1==1) echo "yes"; else echo "no"; I tried it. It looked ok. But I could be wrong. :confused: thanks
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    need help with sessions!

    I got it to work already. Thanks for your explanation. :)
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    need help with sessions!

    yes, I did execute session_start() on the second page. I forgot to put it in the post.
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    need help with sessions!

    Help! I used: session_start(); session_register("user"); $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["user"] = "jane"; Next page that checks it's valid: if (!isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS["user"])) //but the variable is always not set! I checked the session file but it only has this in it: !user|...
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    CQHost a good host?

    yes it's http://www.cqhost.net . sorry about not including the url initially
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    CQHost a good host?

    Hi, Is CQHost a good web hosting service? If not, is there any other that you think could compare with them in features and pricing? Thank you
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    how to run JSP?

    To run JSP, you need Tomcat webserver. Take a look at http://www.jakarta.apache.org
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    Making a chatroom...

    Hi, I would like to create a chatroom either in flash or java. Does anyone know of anywhere I could refer for some code or tutorial on how to make a chatroom? Or any book too. Thank you
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    mysql help

    thank you
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    mysql help

    Hi, could someone tell me what's the statement to get only the 5 latest records by date? Thanks
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    where to get IIS5.0?

    Yes, where do I get IIS 5.0? I know it's not the best server(apache's the best, for me), but I still need it. PS: I don't have Win NT so I don't have IIS 5. Thanks.