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    HCE ★ EUROPE DEDICATED SERVERS ★ 1Gbps & 10 Gbps Ports - from €119/mo

    Hi, If you need a high quality European Dedicated Server, you have come to the right place. HCE provisions Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers in 19 European cities - Amsterdam, The Hague, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Madrid, Zaragoza, Milano, Vienna, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Prague...
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    VPS server in Europe and in the USA?

    When you post any providers URLs in a post in which you ask for suggestions, the thread looks spammy. Do you have any preferred country in Europe and what is the VPS specification you need to use?
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    What would be the best Cloud Hosting ?

    WordPress is not a CMS which requires any specific hosting and therefore Cloud environment. Any kind of CentOS based virtual server would work. If it has the valued added services that some Clouds usually offer - High Availability or even zero service downtime (Fault-Tolerance), those worth to...
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    HC ★ HIGH PERFORMANCE SSD HOSTING ★ Fault-Tolerant Storage - $4.99/mo

    Hi, Please review our Cloud SSD Web Hosting for High Performance websites, hosted on Storage Area Network that features automated fault-tolerance. SSD BLOG (WORDPRESS) HOSTING 10 000 MB SSD storage on Fault-Tolerant Storage * 1000 GB Monthly Bandwidth High quality network - AS46873 -...
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    Video streaming server

    No, there are also H.264, HEVC, VP8, VP9 video coding formats.
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    HOST COLOR ★ Business Hosting ★ Midwest U.S. or EU ★ SSL + CDN + Domain ★ 20% OFF

    Thank you for your reviewing our offering! If you need quality cPanel Shared Business Hosting, you just have to choose between our U.S. data center (based out of South Bend, IN, near Chicago) and European data centers. We are pleased to offer 20% discount in both locations through the coupon...
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    VPS offshore at asian country to host forum

    There are bunch of goos web hosts in Hong Kong or Singapore data centers. You'd also search for any in Kuala Lumpur. You'd have at least 2 opportunities - to go with a local company or with any popular web host that has infrastructure in Asia. Would Australia work?
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    HostColor.com ★ QUALITY DEDICATED SERVERS - $99/month! Free Set up-

    Thank you for taking some of your time to review our FWS Dedicated hosting offer. Host Color has a number of quality Intel Xeon and Dual Xeon based Low Cost Dedicated Servers on stock. All servers feature: Enterprise Hard Drives (Western Digital or Seagate) Midwest Peering (lowest...
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    Please give me some suggestions on my website

    The website looks quite good actually. It looks to me that is opens a little bit slow, but I do not know what would be the reason for that. As fast as for the web design, it doesn't look like a website to server teenagers. The style is more like a baby clothes shop.
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    Dead webhost?

    I have had a chance to join a discussion about this VPS, dedicated and colocation provider in another community. The reason to participate to this one is that it is definitely a quality conversation. Anyway… Unfortunately, this is another industry lesson to learn. These "burst" folks have been...
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    Directory For Hosting

    Lovely! The guy is a new member, one could not create a signature, but did not miss to add the company name at the bottom of the thread. It is not like there is no "Add Host" section in the main menu.
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    1and1 web hosting in the US?

    1and1 one are quire bid web hoster in the U.S. as well. I would not say anything about their serves as I'm representative of a web hosting provider myself. I'd suggest to check for user reviews. They are supposed to have a good infrastructure, so all you need to know is whether they do oversell...
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    Okay, so what host are you guys out there using these days?

    May I ask a questions what makes anyone to choose a certain provider, except the price, which is always important.
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    HOST COLOR: Multi Domain Hosting ★ FREE CDN ★ FREE SSL certificate ★ FREE Domain

    We would like to invite you to come to HostColor.com and to use coupon code CDNHOSTING to get 20% off our Small Business Web Hosting plans hosted on a global CDN. You also get a Free SSL certificate and a Free Domain (Registration or Transfer)! MULTI DOMAIN HOSTING 75,000 MB (73.2 GB) Disc...
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    Dedicated server with AMD?

    If you need a cheap solution, you'd better go for a VPS. If you need a lot of RAM and space just go and find some bargain dedicated servers that use any of the older generation Intel Xeon CPUs.