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  1. Chroder

    Hey Jan! Been a while, how are you doing?

    Hey Jan! Been a while, how are you doing?
  2. Chroder

    So I bought this Axe bodywash that makes my balls tingle

    Well this is interesting. I just bought the same Axe a couple hours ago. ;) I'm now looking forward to my next shower!
  3. Chroder

    Ebay Seller Pw0ned

    "Must have" perhaps? I wonder how many people here go around to bathrooms and correct the grammer mistakes on the graffiti...
  4. Chroder

    Invision Board Questions

    I use vB but if I needed to choose a free (or an "unlimited trial") forum then I'd choose IPB, but not before crying over my loss of vB :p
  5. Chroder

    Woot! I got Gmail!

    I think people should lay off little trenz. If he get's something and he's happy about it then I think he's got every right to tell people about it. If your annoyed with it, then don't read them -- maybe he'll stop if he notices no one wants to hear his babble :p It'd be neat to have a GMail...
  6. Chroder

    A question for those with forums and contributor based sites.

    Check out The Admin Zone, lots of great tips there on how to manage a community and how to choose and manage your staff. When I choose mods, I look at their activity on the site, their attitude towards other members, how long I've known them and their knowlege in the field. I would never...
  7. Chroder

    Your Top 5 Movies of all Time.

    I liked the second Matrix, but the third was just nuts. Seemed like they wanted to explain the unexplainable so they just made stuff up :D (Did anyone notice that Morpheus used to be all cool in 1 and 2, but in the third one he was all different :p)
  8. Chroder

    Upgrading vBulletin to version 3.0.1

    Yep. I was ginna take a screenshot of it, but I was a dumbass and voted before lol Anyway, I think you should upload the old post icons. They're smaller and look better IMO.
  9. Chroder

    [Hockey] Stanley Cup

    Leafs raped Ottawa :p I hope they don't loose to badly to Philadelphia...
  10. Chroder

    Most popular member!

    There are a couple things that contribute to how much rep points you get from fellow members, instead of explaining them just have a look at the vB3 admin screen ;) http://chris.devbox.net/rep.gif
  11. Chroder

    Home Networking

    I use both. Mine is wired and my parents is wireless. My family is so tech-illiterate, it's fun playing with their mind with remote admin tools :D
  12. Chroder

    Heil Hitler!

    I just finished doing a thesis on Hitler...
  13. Chroder

    Upgrading vBulletin to version 3.0.1

    Its on a per-poll basis. The creator gets to choose if its a public or private poll, and vB displays a warning if its public. Might be an ACP option to disable public polls altogether though..
  14. Chroder

    [Hockey] Stanley Cup

    Maple Leafs woo :P I mean, c'mon -- its been forever, they have to get lucky one of these years...
  15. Chroder

    The message you have entered is too short.

    I think its 10 by default, so he must've set it down a bit. How considerate :p