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  1. Christopher

    about print

    PHP? Depends, if it is one result, you can go $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table WHERE sum='1'"); $result = mysql_fetch_array($query); print "Sum: ".$result[sum]."<br>"; But if it's more then one result, like search results, then something like this: $query =...
  2. Christopher

    Learning HTML

    I learned the basics from http://www.howstuffworks.com/web-page.htm then moved onto HTML Goodies and read everything there to make it sink into my mind.
  3. Christopher


    It isn't hard, and this way you aren't limited to a couple pages - your whole site uses it, not just 'index' or whatever. Let me in on the less effort way and mabe I'll use it.
  4. Christopher


    Here's my system... <?php ///////////////////////////////////// // This is 'include.php' ///////////////////////////////////// $page[0] = "your_default_page.txt"; $page[1] = "another.txt"; $page[2] = "and_another.txt"; ?> <!-- This is you template with all of your HTML etc...
  5. Christopher

    [PHP] Working with mySQL TIMESTAMPs

    I need a tutorial on how I can use TIMESTAMPs. Like how to test them and how to convert them into a display form. I want to use them so I can have 'Whats New' type thing. Thanks :)
  6. Christopher


    I was going to post 1:23 to make all you freak out again, but decided I better not. :rolleyes:
  7. Christopher

    Which do you like the most?

    phpBB is easier, but most people mistaken IBF - once you get the system (very smart system IMO) you get everything! You could easily customize the whole board using just the style sheet - and everything (template related) is editable from the AdminCP. I would go with IBF :classic2:
  8. Christopher

    Please Review

    Thanks, I didn't think the pink looked good either - it was just from my old design :p So, you think the folders should be in a thing like the 'News' ? Ok, I'll get around to it later, thanks again. :)
  9. Christopher


    I was feeling silly so I took a screen shot of the time which happened to be 3:21, which is counting backwards :p A stupid post? Yes. It was intended to be. It was meant for people with the slightest bit of sense of humor towards silly things - because this indeed is very silly. Mods feel...
  10. Christopher

    Please Review

    Thank you. Yes, the site is not done (hardly even started), just thought I would ask people before I go and finish it all. And thanks for making suggestions positively, some people rip it aprt without even telling you how to improve it.
  11. Christopher


    You should learn HTML first, then go out and buy a good PHP book.
  12. Christopher


    Re: Re: 321!!! Nope, you got it right on! :)
  13. Christopher

    How do I make the table stay?

    You mean you just want to make the [Nav] table at the top? Just stick valign="top" in the table cell (TD) that holds it.
  14. Christopher


    321!!! Hehe :biggrin2:
  15. Christopher

    Please Review

    http://cmn.cc Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm kinda scared posted it 'cause I know if it's bad I'll get flamed! :p But it's ok because I have a backup site :cool: