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    Just joined

    Hi James, and welcome to FWS! Those codes you have to type are only for the first 10 posts (i believe), to combat spam.
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    what's your cpu specs?

    AMD Athlon LE-1620 2,39 GHz
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    Which web browser do you use?

    When it's about designing a web site to be compatible in all major web browsers, IE creates the most troubles.
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    Free DirectAdmin Host

    It's just their marketing tactic. They have so small free package and they think users will think about going PAID. PS: Your design sucks, it's really old, dude.
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    SEO for an internal pages

    SEO for internal pages is about Title, meta keywords, meta description, keywords density, content, links between internal pages.
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    Strange E-mails from Web Hosts ?

    If this is the situation, Host1Free should be banned here.
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    what is the best control panel for centOS 64 bit?

    Kloxo doesn't have everything that cPanel does, for example I couldn't setup rewrite URL, to get rid of dynamic URLs...
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    Auto blogging plugin wordpress

    Who is doing that ? LOL. If my blog has a feed, it's not there to steal my content. It's for subscribers to discover new content.
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    Auto blogging plugin wordpress

    Hi, sander. Auto blogging plugins steal blog posts from a feed address, and auto post it/schedule to post it on your blog. It's a joke for a serious blog, but it's a quick way to make money for those with mini sites, running AdSense on them. MFA.
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    Request for a Host for a MIDI Site

    Before arguing, you must learn what MIDI stands for: musical instrument digital interface. Continuing from there, midi files contains codes that can be translated into sounds by a interface, like a computer+software, and/or musical keyboard/synthesizer.
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    Request for a Host for a MIDI Site

    It doesn't have the original sound, it would be impossible. It's some kind of a copy, that can be used on musical keyboards, for education. Or to show the scores.
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    Request for a Host for a MIDI Site

    A MIDI file is not the original song, it's an interpretation recorded with a musical keyboard or notes written with a musical notation software. Midi files can be used for studying, for learning, or for showing musical techniques. It's like a prototype...not the copyrighted song itself.
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    Request for a Host for a MIDI Site

    I can't see the thread. @kwokmengit , I studied music, so I wish you good luck finding a good host here! And can't wait to visit your site.
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    Should Youhosting resellers be banned here?

    I agree. Don't allow YouHosting offers to be posted in this forum.
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    Free hosting for a WordPress blog request

    I think they won't approve an e-mail that end's up with .RU